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you can barely see
a subtle depression. you know that things aren't quite right, things don't seem the same as they were yesterday. food doesn't taste the same. actually it doesn't have taste, which leads you to feel betrayed by even your basic senses. too many questions to be answered, they pile up in your head like a million car pile-up. again, you know things aren't quite right and tomorrow doesn't seem any different. maybe you've got nothing to look forward to, life's become a numbing agent. depression is a cliche. nobody wants to hear that you feel bad, nobody cares that things haven't lined up perfectly in your tiny little world. and you barely notice all of these thoughts creeping into the frontal lobe of your brain like a deadly tumor. and then it's too late and your blinded by it and all you see is bright white everywhere like a blizzard. they will shovel pills into your mouth. you open wide but you still can't see anything and you feel lost at the crossroads of here and there. to and fro. this to, shall past. you lead a life of quiet desperation like everyone else cursed with the feelings that there is always something more, something better, the greener grass on the other side. but you can't see any grass because you're blind


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