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We just need to score more points!
I listen to sports talk radio and I am never underwhelmed more than when I listen to the call-ins that are aired on the typical sports radio show. Klosterman makes a great point in an essay (title mis-remembered) wherein he suggests that all sports writers love sports until they become professional sports writers, at which time they become disillusioned with journalism and sports in general. I can see why. Here is a typical caller elucidating on an upcoming game of meddling importance: 

Sports Talk Guy: I've got Sports Fan Paul on the line. Paul, what've you got to say?

Paul: Wow, thanks. Long time listener. I just want to say what a good job you're doing on your show.

STG: Thanks.

Paul: I just wanted to mention how our team doesn't tend to score more points. I think if they score more points in some games, they could possibly win.

Somewhat validating this idiot's point, Sports Talk Guy will say:

STG: You know, thanks for your call first of all, and I happen to agree. It seems like our team has a hard time scoring points lately.

Paul: I think if we get rid of the coach, they would score more points than their opponents, making them win more games.

STG: Coach So-and-so definitely needs to get his act together.

Paul: I agree. I think if they score more points in tonight's game, they have a great chance of winning. I don't know why they got rid of {insert hometown favorite player here} because he was really good. If they would have kept him and scored more, they would have a better record. I can't help but thinking that if we'd score more points we'd be a better team. I just think we can be more better. We need to score the ball and play defense better. We need more defense and more offense and our coach has to do better coaching.


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